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  1. Jim says:

    how are you doing today. hope everthing is great on your end. i just found your site hunting news daily. i realize our part of skinnymoose media, and i’m wonder if you don’t that i’d like to link to your articles via rss. i think i can drive some traffic your way. we are new ourselves but we are doing pretty decent so far *i think?* if you’d rather i didnt please contact me you can see under our outdoor news some excerpted articles from here. if you don’t mind, i’d appreicate it and hopefully some of my political readers will visit your links. also if it is ok and you do get visitors from my side maybe you can share my link somewhere. thanks and may god bless your endeavors.

  2. Ryan says:


    I was just wondering where this blog is based out of? Where in the U.S.



  3. Hey guys,

    Noticed on your homepage about contacting you if you have a site w/ updated hunting news. Didn’t see a contact page, so figured we’d contact you this way. We have an new exotic hunting website called allaboutexotics.com. We specialize in exotic game and have a homepage blog w/ the latest in exotic-related news and info. Would love to be hooked up w/ Hunting News Daily. Think we can offer some insight to an aspect of the hunting community that may be missing to this point. Let us know if we can help contribute. Thanks so much.

  4. Vince Palone says:

    Nice site, please take a look at ours, and if you find it interesting please add it to your list.

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